Did you know there aren't any factory machines involved in the making of any of our cushions? Take our Keya Lumbar for example. The base fabric is hand weaved and then the design is hand screen printed onto it. Screen printing is a distinct, versatile technique that uses mesh to artfully layer ink onto fabric, one color at a time and this gorgeous piece has a lot of colours!

All of our screen-printed pieces are produced by our artisan partners in South India who are reviving a once-thriving industry and providing sustainable employment for their community. Their local artisans have deep roots that inspire a wealth of diverse designs.

Here’s how the screens are made:

STEP 1 - Outer  Frame (made of Iron pipe) is made according to size of the design.
STEP 2 - Nylon mesh will be fixed on this Frame
STEP 3 - Mesh should be thoroughly dried on the Frame 
STEP 4 - Now the Screen is ready. Total screens will be prepared according to design/ colors
STEP 5 - Tech pack design will be converted into Film format
STEP 6 - Film will be taken into Dark room and exposed on the  Screen.
STEP 7 - Now the Final Screen is ready for printing.
STEP 8 - Each colour is printed separately 

May 14, 2019 — Kamaljit Chandan